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5 Reasons Why You Live with Bias, Whether You Think You Do or Not

You don’t need to think about it, we all show bias. Everyday in some form or another it rears it’s ugly head of delusion within us. 

The five points are in no form of hierarchy, nor are they intended as my top five. My post You probably believe the religion you were born into has been doing the rounds on Facebook, I am delighted to see that my readers can relate.

1. Take a look at the map of world religions  

You would think that in an un-biased world the colours would blend and run freely around the map, right? Instead, we see clumps of colours dotted around the Earth, similar to a map of the worlds languages.

This is because religion is adopted by our community in the exact same way as language is. The ideology closest to us takes priority.

2. The Media

I am not the biggest religious sympathiser, I do however understand that the media play a huge role in forming our opinions. This is how Trump gets away with such discriminatory comments, for eg. wanting all Muslims to (somehow) be acknowledged when arriving on US soil. If we are told Islam is a big threat, people will set mosques on fire. 

It is a problem but so are non-Islamic mass shootings, a much, much bigger threat in the US. Media corporations make it increasingly hard to question religion, the religion of their target audience. The religion it is portraying negatively however, a completely different story. 

Look at the map above. If you try to convince someone in any of the large coloured areas that they might be wrong, you will have an extremely hard time doing so.

3. Our Culture 

Growing up with a faith different to the rest of society is like as being born in London with a French accent.

Why do companies advertise as frequently as they do? Well, because it works. As reluctant as you may be to admit it, we are pulled in certain directions by advertisements even if we aren’t aware of it. Churches and crosses are scattered across Christian nations. Islamic nations filled with Mosques and Islamic symbols. If you grow up around such references to religion and no exposure to an alternative, it will soon become part of your life. 

4. Our Music   

How many Islamic songs are in your music charts? I am aiming this towards my followers in the UK and USA, where the majority of my views are. The same works vice versa I would imagine, in the Middle East for example. Again music is something we grow up around, attach emotion to and listen to with our peers. This fuels the illusion that the religion is superior to anyone else’s, or at least plays a larger role in our lifestyle.

Does a great Christian rap/song increase the chances of a Christian God? Of course it doesn’t.

5. Our Education 

Adults are as bad as children when it comes to bias, maybe even worse considering the adult potential to understand different concepts.

Some teachers protest at the idea of evolution being taught in the classroom, instead preferring creationism and all it’s flaws. These are adults we are talking about. Spreading propaganda to children before the media takes over the role in adolescence. This is seen in faith schools and schools in deeply religious communities. 

Final thoughts 

This could easily be list of 50, there are so many ways in which we are not only drawn in by religion but convinced by it. Next time you are out and about, whether it be at work or socialising with friends, step back and notice how much of your day is your decision, and how much of your day is made by your society and culture.


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  1. I would like to believe that the world is not giving in to the bias toward people of different religion. While the bias for sure exists, don’t you think it changed?
    A lot of people are objecting to Trump’s comments, would that have happened few decades ago?

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    • I think that the world has changed and become more accepting of other religions to a degree. Mainly due to social media and transport making it easier and easier to see how the other half live.
      I hope we are more willing to reject discriminatory comments, maybe it’s just easier now for people to organise protests online through social media. Either way it’s for the greater good!

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