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Does two plus two equal four?

Does it equal four? Or do I fail to trust faith and realise it actually equals five? If I have enough faith it could equal any number I want.

Faith doesn’t have to give an explanation, it is good enough on it’s own. This is very convenient for the believer and very difficult to debate for a skeptic.

‘The fool hath said in his heart, two plus two equals four. Only those with The Lord in their hearts can see that five is the true answer.’

Two plus two equals five. I can feel it in my heart.

Go on, prove me wrong 😉


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  1. The difference is that mathematics are quanifiable, measurable and falsifiable. The biblical god is none of these things. Thus, Faith ™ is required and as a cultic defense mechanism, all those who would challenge the accepted answer are anathema and threatened with torture and death in this life and unending torture and immolation in the next.
    Fear comes behind to enforce the requirement of Faith in something and someone that cannot be proven to actually exist in any scientific, quantitative or evidentially way. You sir are branded for even asking for said evidence as a heretic, heathen dog hell bound for your temerity to disagree

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  2. Yes, and you also seem to be alluding to this idea that faith is a claim to have secret knowledge. In Christianity there is this sense of adoption and knowing subjectively that the Spirit of God dwells inside. I can tell you firsthand that I was deceived by my own mind about this. Any kind of subtle feeling became a potential whisper from Jesus. I would get goosebumps while singing songs and somehow associate that with God surrounding and enveloping me with peace and joy. Never again will I trust such subjectivity since it provides absolutely no compass for anyone to discern between fact and fiction.

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    • I’m glad to see you have acknowledged that many feelings can be explained without a higher power governing us. I’ve compared the feelings with watching a horror movie and feeling an uncomfortable presence afterwards. If you expect to feel something, you probably will.

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  3. I created my blog in fall of 2014 but didn’t take off with it so much until February of this year. My blog is basically me unraveling from a previous ten year commitment to Evangelical Christianity. It’s also an opportunity to grow as a writer.

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