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God is to Humans what Michael Vick is to Animals

Vick, a talented dog fighter playing American Football in his spare time. He made dogs fight whilst he looked on, causing national outrage in the process. The dogs decided to fight with their own free will, but did they really have a choice? They couldn’t communicate and make a truce, they couldn’t sit back for they would be ripped to shreds by the growling, salivating opposition placed in front of them. 

We are taught that violence is our problem. Not a problem for God to deal with, our duty. God sits back in his chair, hands up saying ‘Hey, you brought this on yourself. I’m out.’

God is bigoted. We tire of right wing groups making hurtful comments about certain ethnicities, spreading hate because of the actons of few. We shouldn’t punish populations. How many readers were against the Syrian airstrikes fearing collateral damage? I was.

I hate to see people and animals suffering. Period. People giving nothing but love, it’s enough to fill me with rage. How would you expect me to react when I am told that victims of injustice deserve it, as they are part of the same race inflicting such misery?

Picture a baby born into this world, sold by human traffickers. Born human, deserving to suffer as one. Theism takes any responsibility from God, despite his potential to intervene. How anyone can support this without guilt baffles me. God has a responsibility to intervene. I would expect an intervention same reason you would from a passer by. Suffering is horrible and needs preventing when possible. 

I don’t want to suffer, I understand that others share this view. It is a fairly easy concept to grasp.

I therefore have a strong desire to help those in such difficulty, sympathy playing a large part and strengthened by my own experiences. Again, easily grasped!

It becomes apparant that those less motivated to help may enjoy the suffering of others. This, or they fail to sympathise on the same level. This also applies to God.

He blessed us with free will, it is us that choose to abuse it. In a religious world this is as true as it is fair. Why should God care that children are being killed if it isn’t him that is doing it? 

Why should those that dog fight feel bad? 

Hey, it’s up to the dogs afterall.

I’m out.


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