Well he is about to, before realising the word ‘CLOSED’ appears on the entrance before him.

*Let’s say he is a guy. A guy called Steve.

Despite the obvious, Steve spends his time convinced it is open… all he needs is faith. Evidence is useless with his newly adopted logic, faith being the loophole getting around the difficult obstacle that is the word ‘CLOSED’. 

He tries to convince others that the bar is open, they just need to have faith too. Steve simply smiles when passers by point to the evidence, as no evidence will ever be enough. He invites others to think like him but the passers by refuse to bite the hook of a bar owner playing mind games. Either that or he isn’t actually there. They walk on by, continuing to enjoy their own lives in the company of family and friends that actually make an appearance. Evidence presented before him is not enough for his optimistic/ delusional nature, despite not accessing the bar his confidence remains strong. He stays outside alone, grateful that he can see what the masses don’t.

Steve wants to believe the bar owner can hear him, so he starts to shout. Despite not coming to the door, the little things keep him believing. The creaking floorboards from inside the building. The stories dating back generations of the bar owner being seen after hours. These are perceived as positive signs…


It is important to look at what seems obvious in our lives, to see things for what they are. Look at what the evidence is pointing to. Unlinke Steve, do not make illogical claims if there is no supporting evidence. What is faith if there is no evidence to point you in that direction in the first place? 

Wishful thinking, and it’s not going to get us any closer to the truth.

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