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You Cannot Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

I feel like I would be more successful asking people what their favourite colour smells like. Why spend my time trying to explain alternative theories if the theory I am fighting already claims to be perfect? I know this should be oh-so easy to see through, unfortunatley it isn’t. 

The evidence for your religion is in the writings? That’s like saying Carlsberg is the best lager in the world because they say so.

Two main ingredients for a religious argument are key for it’s success and survival, despite little to no evidence- lies, and laziness. Lies- the documented claims that the religion is true, true because it is documented. It’s a very small circle of ignorance that many people struggle to escape. Then there is laziness, the lack of time spent looking outside of this circle. Instead of thinking ‘hang on, the fact that the the Bible states that it is right, doesn’t actually make it so’, you are too busy getting dizzy spinning around that small circle of ignorance. Step back and open your mind a little. You probably won’t open your mind, statistically speaking. Most people never do.

I am being a little unfair here. It is not always laziness that keeps the religious machine going, there are many interlinking factors. Emotions such as fear and sadness drive millions through the church doors. Disasters that take everything away apart from the desire for comfort, God and prayer being a last resort. I would not advice this, it’s rather like begging the burglar to leave your house. If (s)he has the ability to prevent an incident, we shouldn’t be expected to ask them to do so.

Do I feel harsh criticising religious beliefs? At times. I shouldn’t, but I do. Don’t forget religion is not something you are born with, it something you’re born into. Skin colour, gender, appearance… These are things we are born with. I would never discriminate or ridicule these characteristics, nor do I have a reason to. You have decided to take a certain path and that decision will always be questioned to an extent. When I disagree with God and his ways I am not saying anything negative about you, so why the offence? If I decide to criticise Apple or Sony, would you be angry with me? Of course not, although I’m sure you have one or two of their products. 

This is because you aren’t directly in the line of fire, the same applies to your god. This is what tipped the scales for me in the more agnostic phase of my life. Scientists and atheists aren’t having a go at me, they are humans just like myself simply trying to understand our place in the universe. Why do I dislike this? Honestly, I didn’t like that my comforting thoughts conflicted with reality. If you want to believe what you want to despite insufficient evidence, that is fine. But don’t get angry when those that search with a little more open mindedness and genuine desire for the truth, disagree.

I would not laugh at a child with autism, I wouldn’t punch a blind person. Some things should remain free from ridicule, things that cannot be changed and are undeserving. Religion is not one of them. If you get upset, you have made that choice to be.

So yes, I cannot drag a horse to water without it being convinced there is no water. Trying to explain my reasoning I cannot help but feel like I’m talking to a wall. Some theists welcome a little debate, most that I have encountered on WordPress will listen but will not budge from their current stance. Adopting an inappropriately confident smile whilst listening to my input, awaiting their turn to reject any reasonable logic presented. 

This saddens me as much as it frustrates me. What a disappointing existence! Being programmed assumingly from a very early age, the soft putty of curiosity now a hard clay. No thrill from considering a new concept, no imagination to enjoy alternate scenarios unless Christ is at the forefront. This is in no way stimulating for me, a huge hinderance to clear thinking.


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  1. I think what pushes people to believe so strongly in religion is the sense of connection. They actually seem to just have faith in the fact that it is true because they felt connected to a passage or connected to others. People sense of trust seems to be the reason behind being so stubborn. Lately I have been having been thinking about it in terms of liking or disliking some taste. Like how some people like raisins and some don’t. You can’t force someone to like or dislike raisins. It is what it is.

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    • That’s true for taste, but I still feel that people can be more skeptical when it comes to religion. I feel that if someone doesn’t the like the taste of something, they can’t be made to eat it from a young age until it tastes nice. Maybe I’m wrong!
      There is a connection, but this connection can be made between many things, including non religious. Have you ever watched a horror movie and been convinced there is someone watching you after it has finished? There’s still as little chance of this happening as there was yesterday, but because it has been brought to your attentions the mind makes such connections. This is how I view apparent connections to a God.

      Thanks for your input!


      • I meant to just show the point view of people with strong religious beliefs, and they choose to stick with their beliefs no matter what. I agree with you, they should be more skeptical. t is simply what I observed.
        As for people forcing religion down others throat, whether their children or others, I think it is the biggest drawback of people placing religion over everything. They are simply bigots and should not do that. I am living it now, and it is just a constant battle.

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      • Ah yes, I imagine the Middle East to be very religious although I have no first hand experience of that. In Western Europe religion does not play too much of a role, most of the fuel I have for my blogging fire originates from the USA and the Middle East, as that is where I get most of my influence for my posts.
        I will definitely look out for your posts 🙂

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