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God is fair… We reeaally have to fail his test before we are sent to Hell

I received this comment earlier by a Muslim blogger.

Why put us through trials to test our faith and perseverance? This is not The Hunger Games.

I get graded for my performance in a life I did not ask for? No I won’t.

I apparantly get ten blessings for each good deed and only one sin for every one bad action. I am meant to see this as fair?!

Sorry, but God is not fair. If God decides to make the test that sends people to Hell, he is completely and utterly immoral. You are staring an evil dictator in the face and have been completely brainwashed in the process. Do not for a second think that your fellow humans are unfair because we may be punished during Gods evil game of endurance. 

Have you ever watched the Saw movies? Of course you have. You’re clearly a fan of such warped forms of entertainment being used in our lives.


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