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Do we live to experience both pleasure and pain?

Of course we experience both. Our childhood is filled with bumps and scrapes, each one a small life lesson. I have to accept this in life. There is pain, there is joy. We get on with it.

I get very confused when told that God is the one responsible for this. The main reason why I accept pain during accidents is that no one is inflicting it upon me. No one finds a hazard and waits for it to catch out the first unfortunate person to pass by.  

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger 

True to some extent. Yet as a believer this quote is pointless. If there is an afterlife, what is the point of pain? Aren’t we all hoping for a eternity of bliss, free from suffering?

I can imagine being greeted by God after getting through those pearly gates. 

God- ‘Hey, there is no suffering up here, welcome!’

Me- ‘Thanks! So what was up with all that pain down there? I was told it was to learn from. What am I learning if there is no pain up here?’

‘Meh. I don’t know to be honest, I just thought I would throw it in the mix. It’s all over now though so you can relax!’

Even if pain is to make us stronger here on earth, it is pointless once we are gone. Why teach us to experience pain during our short lives on earth if eternity is pain free? I’m sure there is much more we should be taught before we die. Actually, eternity gives me more than enough time to learn once I am up there!


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  1. I believe that God knows what humans are capable of. He puts us through trials so that we can overcome it and still believe in God. This world is full of tests. He gives you guidelines for the test and tells you the answers to some questions. Your death is when the test is over. He grades you on the basis of what you did and believed in this life. If you get a good grade, you go to paradise, if you get a bad grade, you go to Hell. God also makes it easier to go to paradise because He gives you 10 blessings for each good deed while you get only one sin for doing wrong. God is fair. Humans are not.


    • Haha, God is fair? That is ludicrous. Anyone that tests you and puts you through life’s tough challenges, for the fun of it, is very cruel. If you don’t pass his test you go to Hell? How is this fair in any way whatsoever?


    • “God also makes it easier to go to paradise because He gives you 10 blessings for each good deed while you get only one sin for doing wrong.”

      How is that fair? That means that people can do ten times as many wrongs as good deeds and still come out even! That’s not a system I want to live under.

      Also, how do you know what you said is true? Because someone told you that it was?

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      • Imagine if his/her beliefs resulted in being sent to a separate hell, carried out by a completely different God? Some people are so brainwashed by their beliefs that they do not take into consideration the threats from many other deities.

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      • That puts me in mind of the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett. On Discworld everybody gets the afterlife that they expect to get. (Which is why it’s important that missionaries there be shot on sight.)

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