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Some Christians would Make a Godless World Unbearable 

A godless world doesn’t worry me. What worries me is a godless world filled with believers. When I try to paint a picture of a godless world, the opposition paints a much darker, more violent picture. 

If there isn’t a God, why should we be kind? Why does pain hurt? What is good and what is bad? 

This kind of logic baffles me. I would like to think that many theists would agree that they are not 100% sure of their belief. I feel this towards my own opinions. What we can both agree on is a shared understanding that some things are moral, some immoral. Some things cause pain and misery, some joy and happiness. I do not know of anyone that disagrees with most of my opinions on morality. Overly in society, we agree. So after admitting that we are not 100% sure of our origins or fate, why do so many conclude that immorality goes out of the window when God is taken out of the equation? We have already established what we deem right and wrong and that was at the same time that we admit we do not know if there is or isn’t a deity pushing the buttons. 

It is terrifying to think, if it could ever be concluded that God doesn’t exist (which it really cannot), that those previously believing in God would go out and rape, kill, cheat and steal. I have heard this with my own ears. What logic is used to determine that this is appropriate behaviour in a godless world? Why would inflicting pain be appropriate or logical? If anyone of belief can honestly tell me that they would no longer feel pain in this situation for we are ‘just a bunch of cells’ would be lying to themselves. To me, it seems like those that throw morality out of the window without a God are simply not moral at all.


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