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Does the Toughest Person in your Community have the Right to Rule Over Everyone Else?

You are walking down the street, someone barges into you as they walk by. This person gets very angry and as a result, throws you to the ground. 

‘What the f#@k do you think you’re doing!’ 

‘I’m stronger than you. I can do these things.’

‘Fair enough!’ (You brush yourself off and carry on your way)

Do you see what is wrong with both of their attitudes? Many people adopt this mentality in belief. An extremely primitive mindset that justifies authority of the weak. Is this acceptable? I doubt you would accept this within society, so why accept it from a deity?

I have highlighted this in a previous post. A caller on The Atheist Experience says it is fine for a mafia boss to break his legs if he wanted to, simply because he can. Yes, you read that correctly. An absurd claim that is deprived of any self respect.

This makes me feel very uneasy. I get slight relief knowing that it is only a minority that would go to such extremes, although God having total authority is widely accepted. The authority doesn’t get to me as much, I understand that our race needs authority to restore order and maintain stability. I also know that authoratative figures past and present have abused such power, causing misery and suffering to millions. It is the ‘you will bow down to me!’ aggressive attitude that demonstrates a hunger for power more than a desire for peace and stability.


I am not obligated to give my power over to God because he is stronger than me and demands my respect. Listening to believers I hear from daily, it appears that there will be severe concequences for not conforming. Does this sound like a loving God to you? Or one that wants to abuse a position of power? Do not worship because you are told to.


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  1. Just as many Christians have this belief in secret knowledge, on the flip side it is also thought that the Biblical God has provided just enough evidence of himself in the world so that human beings are “without excuse” as it says in Romans chapter 1. There is this idea that due to human wickedness and depravity a rejection of belief in God is actually a suppression of the truth that we all truly “know” deep down. As a former Theology student I can tell you that this kind of thinking is what brought me to ultimately reject the Christian faith. It quite literally is falsely judging the state of human knowledge and awareness. This is ignorance in its purest form and this came to greatly disappoint me.


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