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Are you in a mixed-faith relationship?

Two seperate belief systems, one of you may be non religious? Religious differences can be a right deal breaker, you may have ‘came out’ later in the relationship after that lovely (yet crucial) honeymoon period! It could have been the case in a previous relationship that didn’t work for this very reason.

How do you make it work? Maybe you live in a country in which a mixed of faiths would not be possible and therefore had to find someone who shared your beliefs, or risk rejection? 

Atheists too. I am sure there are many atheists that would not consider going out with someone of religion, and vice versa. 


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  1. My girlfriend and I are polar opposites. I’m a white vegan atheist, and she’s a black carnivore Christian. Many people would have written off this relationship long ago, calling it socially improbable, but love has this silly way of making those differences insignificant. In fact the only problem we encounter is when we try to coordinate a dinner.

    PS. The trick is for each of us to never discuss religion. Also, I told her if we have children, I’d teach them science, she teaches them about god. It’s a fair trade, in my view.

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    • Dare I say that old cliche ‘opposites attract?’ 😉
      I guess there is more to chat about when you have so many differences. And as long as the children are free to choose what they want to believe growing up, that’s fair on all 🙂


  2. Considered it, but if God is the center and focus of one’s life, as He should be if one claims to be a Christian, being with someone who doesn’t even believe God exists is improbable.

    If they serve a different god, it’s close but not close enough.


  3. Has God told me that He should be the priority? That’s really all I’m saying there. It would be difficult to note all the times in the Bible where God makes this evident. A good example is the first two commandments of the 10, being: You shall have no other gods before Me and You shall not make idols.

    To answer your question, no (I’m assuming you mean on an auditory level) but since the Bible is God breathed, i.e. the Word of God, one could also make the argument that yes He did tell me…and millions of other people.


    • But it could be written a thousand times in the bible and still be nonsense! What is it that makes it true other than the fact that it says it is? There are so many other religious texts claiming the same thing, the only reason I can think you have decided the words in the bible are more truthful is because you have been exposed to it for longer. Marvel comics have an equal amount of evidence if we are simply going off ink on a page 🙂


      • I myself have seen it to be true, not only in my life but in the lives of others. If it wasn’t, I don’t know why I would bother and trust there was a time I did not see God in my life, at all nor did I want to.

        It’s very easy to say “What’s if it’s all lies?” but such statements are empty because they say nothing, pose no serious question. Being exposed too is irrelevant if it it never seeps in. I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of stories about people raised in very religious households (that’s a can of worms in and of itself), who end up being hardcore atheists. No one can force anyone to believe when the time comes for them to choose.

        PS: Marvel…I don’t want to entertain that idea but say you saw the actual Avengers, who are said to be actual physical beings who are always protecting the earth (america) in plain view, you’d believe right? There however is no “evidence” of them anywhere.

        The counter argument would then be “Well, you can’t see Jesus or God either? Where’s your evidence for them?” but it never said they would appear in costumes and fight for america. I kid, but I just wanted to address Marvel. The point is Marvel relies on the senses, only. Having a relationship with God and believing is entirely spiritual.

        As far as evidence goes, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. “The natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” (1 Corinthians 2:14) If you’re concern and belief rests in your senses alone, you will have a terribly difficult time believing. It’s all about you and your willingness.


      • This is why religion has stood the test of time. If religion should not be about God making himself apparant, fuelled by the faith of believers instead of evidence of his existence, then religion cannot be proved false. This also invited separate faith systems to say the same thing however, and if they do how can you prove Christianity is superior? After all their religion states that God does not need to show himself and relies upon faith, not evidence. You soon see that this is a very tough nut to crack!


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