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Don’t Be This Argument…

It is perfectly reasonable to accept natural laws for what they are. Despite their inability to provide an explanation, I am comforted by the fact that nature is not consciously keeping something from me or playing hard to get. It really grinds my gears when I hear theists argue- ‘If natural laws do not explain themselves, why should God?’

God is perfectly able to explain himself, at least he should be if I am expected to dedicate my life to belief and worship. Maybe this example (no pun intended) will shed more light. The internal conditions of a black hole are not obvious to us, mainly because the phenomenon cannot describe itself. If I knew that black holes could speak my language and understand my curiosity, I would be more frustrated. More frustrated because I would assume that it got kicks out of not telling me. If black holes sympathised with my thirst for knowledge despite being unable to provide more info, I would not be as annoyed with black holes. With that said I would not decide to worship them, what reason would I have?

The argument presented to me is not worthy. It only takes a little thinking to determine.


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