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From Blogging to Book Writing?

WordPress, I would love your help. Before I decided to take up blogging I really wanted to write a book. After the countless forums and searching the opinions from already established authors and bloggers, I decided that building up an audience and small following would hopefully allow me to gain a little exposure, whilst building up the content that I would need to fill the pages!

The more I post, the bigger the itch to start building the foundations for a book. Have you done anything similar?

I would firstly love to know the following:

  • How long did it take you to write your book? (Not including the time taken to publish, design etc)
  • Is it self published or through a respected publishing company? What made you choose that company?
  • Was your blog helpful in the production of your book? Did you wait for a specific amount of followers or views before considering the publication would be more of a success?

These may not apply to you, maybe one or two points do. Whether you are in the same boat as me or a very successful author, the info will be a valuable insight.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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  1. The time it takes for you to write a book depends on the length of the content. If you want to continue blogging while writing a book, you might want to set aside a daily goal of words to put towards the project. Keep writing it until it’s done.

    Self-publishing versus going with a publisher have different strengths and weaknesses. I’m self-published, which gives me more control over what I write and print. Publishers can edit your work to meet their requirements.

    And you can measure the success of your publishing effort by setting goals. The book I printed was done solely to learn about the process. In that regard, it’s been a smashing success. Blog followers really have nothing to do with your book; your blog does because it’s a place where you can advertise your work.

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