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Leaving atheism for religion is like leaving university to join kindergarten

How often do you hear a theist argument start with the cliche intro ‘I was one an an atheist…’? 

Very often.

It has become very tiresome to hear the same line said over an over. On the other hand, many atheists were indeed religious before leaving. This is because we live in a very religious world and are brought up to believe. It is almost certain that all atheists at least considered the God of their society. I did.

If as a theist you struggle to fathom a universe without a God and went in search of one, that’s fine. With the following exceptions.

1. You do not feel the need to worship. Don’t worship a God that you are searching for. You look stupid. If you are searching for a god, it certainly isn’t searching for you.

2. Do not resort to the petty attempts we currently have at conjuring up various Gods with the various organised religions. These Gods were created thousands of years ago and have not made themselves anymore present today, no matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise.

To rule out the possibility of a God and then change your mind must require extraordinary evidence. Religious scripture provides no such thing. In an earlier post I painted the picture of a skyscraper in the middle of a desert, in the middle of nowhere. You walk up to it, there are no signs at all pointing to who or what created it. There is however, a scrap of paper being thrown about in the breeze nearby. You mange to grab it and on it the message:

I build glass mountain. Big and tall like jungle tree!

What would it have to take to convince you that the messenger created this great piece of architecture? Would it simply take a lack of evidence of any other? 

This isn’t worthy evidence. What would be a bigger step back would be to understand that the message had no link to the structure, struggle to see any further evidence and then decide to believe the message has more worth than it does. Possibly to the extent that this supposed architect is concequently worshipped and/or congratulated on his/her masterpiece.

Does this seem logical? Were you once an atheist before deciding that the religions we have today contain more credibility that you previously thought?

I hope not. To me, it’s like leaving university to attend kindergarten.


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  1. I really understand what you mean. I grew up Christian, then agnostic, then atheist, then Buddhist (not a religion) and now I do believe in a creator, but not the “God” that Christians believe or Muslims believe etc. the creator I believe in is kind and doesn’t send famines and hurricanes down on people like he did in the bible. I hate the bible, but that’s another story. I really enjoyed your post. I don’t want to sound rude, but honestly I strongly dislike most religious people because of their ignorance.

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