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‘I hate my boss. Anyway, off to church now to praise God so I’m not punished!’

Your boss does not have to be your friend. You know what it’s like at work, you turn up, you are told what to do. Maybe you’re the boss, dictating play and providing those under you tasks to complete. 

You aren’t expected to love your boss, and for the managers out there I’m sure you understand that with this authoritative role can come conflicts and disagreement. 

So why oh why do people complain about their boss at work whilst managing to maintain a high level of respect for a God? At least your manager pays you at the end of the day. One line made it really hit home for me. It was a man on a documentary I watched working in NYC on a tourist horse and trailer near Central Park.

Religion is the biggest con of all. You are told to worship and give praises your whole life, whilst being told that you will be rewarded when you die, a time when you have lost the ability to think any longer.

I like to think this is considered even by the most faithful. Isn’t it strange that the time we are told we will be rewarded, is the same time we no longer function?

A kidnapper never has sweets on them, it’s always in the black van down a dark back street. If you are told to commit fully to something before even being shown why, it’s probably a lie.


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