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Church ‘Bewildered’ After being Banned from Advertising During Star Wars Cinema Showings

Sky News this afternoon aired a debate between a Christian and an atheist, on whether or not an advert reciting the Lord’s Prayer before cinema showings is appropriate.

The Christian stated that it was not offensive, the atheist agreed. Apologies, I did not catch the names of the individuals but if it is shown again I will be sure to update here. He (the Christian) complained that it shouldn’t have been cancelled, she states it wasn’t the appropriate place for such an advert and in a country with many Christian priveledges already in place, we don’t need another one. The video, seen here on the Sky News article, consists of many people from school kids to weightlifters saying a seperate line of the prayer.

It was banned due to fear of being offensive to other beliefs and non believers. I agree that if I am offended by this ad I should be just as offended at the objectification of women and the sexual nature of most ads way before the water shed. To me, it isn’t offensive, just rather humerous. If God exists, why does he need people to resort to advertising?

The church may start to advertise, I see it as just another business wanting to make money and gets it’s name out there. I understand that businesses need to do this to survive, but if a religion claiming to be the truth cannot reach the masses without a struggle, it will have the opposite effect on me.


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  1. Had to think about this one for a minute but I think you’re right. While this is a nuisance since Christianity is literally everywhere, this is not inappropriate since it’s a private organization (a theater) showing the ads, not the government. It’s not being paid for by taxpayers. If it were my theater, I wouldn’t show it though, simply because I don’t think that’s the right setting for an ad like that. (Seriously, movie trailers and a PSA about cell phones are all I’ll tolerate as a moviegoer) but that should be at the discretion of the theater.

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  2. churches should be ashamed of having to advertise like ‘regular’ businesses. I mean, they are, but that’s not the point. 🙂 if a church has to advertise to get their message ‘out there’ and draw people to their meetings, it means that their people aren’t doing what they should to share the gospel in their daily lives with people they meet.
    I can understand this in these times of scientific knowledge and advancements, what with the utter and total destruction of the bible as being any kind of reliable and accurate source for historical and moral truth (poor caananites were EVIL and served other gods… Israel had to destroy them on moses says so from a god they couldn’t see or verify… for their own good). if I knew then what I know now? id never have invited or preached the gospel to those around me either.
    so…. they advertise just like any other business to get butts in the seats, to pay the bills, keep the machine going, and make sure the ministry staff is well cared for while pushing this BS to an essentially captive audience, afraid of a god they can neither see, hear, or fully prove even exists.
    … simply on moses’… I mean the minister’s say so. at least Christians don’t kill people anymore.
    excuse me, you say they still do in other countries where they can get away with it? amazing!

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  3. My understanding is that the movie company simply has a policy against accepting religious or political advertising. That seems very sensible – imagine you are just wanting to see Star Wars, and the movie theater first plays you ten minutes of campaign commercials and sermons. I’d find a different theater if I had to put up with that.

    And I try to imagine the reaction from these same christians if the theater allowed commercials encouraging everybody to pray – to Mecca, five times a day. They’d probably have a conniption! They are so used to getting their way all the time that they see being forced to play by the same rules as everybody else as “persecution”.

    If the movie theater starts accepting this kind of advertising, then they are putting themselves in the position either accepting any and all religious advertising, or having to decide which religious content is OK, and which isn’t. Which is not something that private businesses should be deciding. It’s just a much better business policy for them to stay out of it entirely.


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