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Winter is definitely here…

Can someone lucky enough to be on first name terms with God please tell me the need for these freezing temperatures? I am sure that the beautiful blanket of white smothering our fields could be acheived without the cold associated with it. 

I love winter, I just dislike the cold. 

Oh, and please refrain from answers such as:

‘The cold is present to make us appreciate the warmth we provide in our hearts’

Boring. On that note, have a great (and warm) weekend!


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  1. I don’t even dislike the cold, it’s the lack of sun that sometimes gets to us, Dutchies. The cloudy, rainy, dreary, wet kind of cold is the worst. You can push the temp down ten degrees more, as far as I’m concerned, just make it sunny!


    • Oh trust me, here in Northern England we know that all too well. That’s why portable BBQ’s sell so well here, if there’s a glimmer of sunshine we run to the shop and get one started! We can’t plan ahead for that kind of thing…

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