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Queens of the Coincidence

I love a good coincidence. It can make your hair stand on end and leave you well and truly speechless. 

One day, I was watching one of my favourite videos by Queens of the Stone Age, a fun animation for their song Go with the flow.

I sneezed. Not a big deal but the video paused thanks to one of my flailing limbs. As I was about to hit play, I noticed something. Something that appears to show order out of what I would assume to be complete chaos.

Have you ever seen the video? There is a big on the highway which is being fast approached by menacing drivers who you wouldn’t want to cross in a yoga class let alone a bit of road rage. As you would expect, the bug didn’t last very long, guts fly everywhere.

I paused the video right at that very moment. Instead of bug spraying all over the place, it formed the words:

‘Shynola Rock!’

Upon Googling it I found that Shynola are the team behind the video. Pretty cool! I did not take the shot in my featured image, no matter how hard I try I haven’t been able to time it just right. This makes the find even more amazing!

No vagueness and no misinterpretation, not every sign has to be spiritual or mistaken as such. There are so many intentional messages hidden away waiting to be discovered, left undiscovered because we are too busy seeking patterns where there aren’t any.

Happy searching!


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  1. I love unexpected coincidences like this. We tend to ignore the huge number of possible things that could happen to us but don’t, so we overestimate the importance of improbable events.

    I had one the other night. Chorus rehearsal, and there’s a huge stack of scores being passed out for a piece that we had done before, some years back. I opened the one left on my chair, and there’s markings left over from years ago. In my handwriting!

    So I got the same score back. What are the odds? (Probably about 1 in 100.) How about if we look at the whole chorus and ask what are the odds that somebody would get the same score back? Suddenly it’s not so surprising, it just happened to be me this time. Fun.

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