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Atheism Should be About Love

Sometimes, as an atheist blogger I am made to feel that my style can be quite aggressive. That I am hurting feelings or insulting beliefs. 

The beauty of it is, this is the worst I can be. I’m blogging, and you are reading an atheists blog. I’m not exactly jumping out of the bushes to attack anyone. 

Every day there are executions and terror attacks, abuses of human rights and inequality… all I want to do is help bring this to an end. I would happily sit down with you black or white, gay or straight, Christian or Muslim, man or woman. If you want a chat I’ll happily chat! I won’t refuse to do so because there is no reason for me to. I am not superior to anyone and dislike like those who feel they are on a high horse whether it be through culture or religion.

So if I ever offend anyone with my style or criticisms, remember, it’s only a blog. I imagine there is much, much worse being done in the name of the ideology you defend. It’s time ‘militant atheism’ is no longer perceived as so threatening. The only thing being threatened are your beliefs, not your life. 

I am all about love and if you are too, I love you.

Happy blogging.

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  1. What is love?

    Since the human being is the only creature on Earth who does not know its nature, concepts like love, justice, right, wrong, fair, unfair, are simply a matter of opinion.

    History informs us that whenever atheist regimes take power, bone grinding poverty, mass murder and hell on Earth are the result.


  2. A nice post offering the hand of friendship. Words like Christian, Muslim, atheist, American are very general labels. Individuals are unique and to generalise about them is a mistake.
    Often our consciences are overcome by selfish ambition and those in power often abuse the availability of money to line their own nests.
    In Europe we have been shaken by the migrant crisis. Consciences have been stirred , arguments fired.

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