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Flowers by the roadside

My journey to work passes multiple areas where accidents have occured. Flower bunches appear, wilt, and new ones are placed. Not often because of the same incident, unfortunately a new one occured. 

One of these areas is the Redheugh Bridge, linking Newcastle and Gateshead. One of seven bridges that span the River Tyne, a river with a huge historical influence in ship building.

You never know what the incident involved when you see flowers, only that there was one. You can make assumptions based on the location but it isn’t very pleasant. On the Redheugh Bridge one windy morning I noticed A4  laminated signs were attached to the railings with cable ties, each with their individual messages.

You’re awesome!

Be strong, you can get through the day.

You are loved and not alone!

One by one I read as I passed. About 15 or so. Was it an individual that lost someone to suicide? A group or organisation? Regardless, those that are no longer with us are being remembered. 

Sadly, these areas mark the locations where accidents occured or casualties perished. I understand that it’s a meeting point for those who weren’t there to show mark their respects, but to me visiting a busy road side or accident hotspot isn’t the nicest experience. Wouldn’t it be a nice change to place flowers where the victim would have loved to be? In their favourite park, or beach? Outside of their favourite theatre or pub. It would be lovely to see flowers placed where the individual would be right at this very moment, if they had the chance.



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