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All it takes is one word

There are so many religious claims floating about the web, a huge number of these make a statement without providing any reason whatsoever as to why it should be true. A pretty important factor if you ask me!

How? Why? Where? When?

You don’t have to be harsh or heavily critical in a response. The above responses are enough to push a claim out of it’s comfort zone. 

One word can make a belief stumble. If one word can do that, it should make that believer reconsider.

Happy debating!


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  1. The central dogma of atheism is, “Everything just happened all by itself.”

    The atheist needs to explain how it is possible to believe in such an obvious absurdity before he judges others.


  2. it usually takes little more, as SOM has amply illustrated. but good news! they are cumulative and alas… ‘the journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step’

    ps. SOM, you don’t win by default. I’m afraid. atheism, although I am not one at this point, is not the positive claim. yours is the positive claim that bears the burden of proof. One our side of the table, “I don’t know…YET’ is a perfectly acceptable and honest answer. and it has done more to spur on inquiry and discovery that your retort “You don’t know, do you? so shut up and get back in line”


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  3. and while we at the question of evidence and the burden of proof SOM, where is that homework assignment I gave you before? please reference any 1st century, contemporary with Christ, extra biblical, secular historian (and there were many in those days) who corroborates the life, death and resurrection of jesus as a historical fact.
    and you don’t get to say “god… ” (sorry) “… the dog ate my homework” or “well, prove it didn’t happen”
    it’s not the burden, or fault for that matter, of those who disbelieve the evidence you haven’t given to support your positive claim. it’s yours. clock is ticking, better get started.


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