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If your religion is true, I will be very disappointed

I would of course accept it, as that is what atheism prides itself on. Accepting truth and shunning out the desire to believe what is preferred. Thankfully the reality we live to understand is very tolerable, so no problems there!

If it did turn out that the belief you hold had the ultimate answers, I would be very disappointed. Disappointed and ashamed that such a badly written book attempting to help make sense of the universe was more than an attempt, like a sick sarcastic twist in a Saw movie. 

Picture yourself walking through the desert. You walk past a glistening skyscraper, marvelling at the incredible engineering and architecture as the realisation hits home it is no mirage. You have no idea who built it, nor when. You look back down, a crumpled, worn piece of paper becomes visable in the shifting sands. You pick it up to read the following:

‘I have made oh mighty glass mountain in the golden hills, rising to the heavens like jungle tree’

It would soon become apparant that the author could not create such a stunning project. Common sense is a marvelous thing. It let’s us make quick decisions, shifting through the obvious so we can focus on the bigger questions. The author can build a skyscraper yet struggle to describe it? Why use such a fragile method of communication, destined to fail in it’s goal? It is as if the author-come-architect did not care too much about us knowing. 

The alternative isn’t any better…

He is intelligent enough to build a skyscraper yet too primitive to describe it. 

Either way, I am not impressed and it probably isn’t true.


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