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You can certainly think too much…

Everyday I am thinking, I wasn’t gifted with the off switch that most people have. I am constantly in my own head when I am alone, trying to comprehend the incomprehensible, trying to think the unthinkable. It is no exaggeration when I say it had driven me to the point of madness at times.

I was talking to a man today, he told me that a some of his colleagues had been institutionalised for trying to make sense of reality. They worked in various areas of science, although their exact fields of expertise have since left me. I could only keep up with the conversation to an extent, despite the several beers he had consumed prior. 

I certainly needed one. It is amazing to say that at this time in history not only is reality hard to grasp, it doesn’t actually make sense. That itself is hard to get my head around. 


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