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Atheists, what brings out your emotion?

Theists are moved very much by the literature they adhere to. Church services and prayer can also be very touching.

I want believers to understand that this doesn’t have to solely come from religion.

What makes your hairs stand on end? Is it a movie? A book, fiction or non fiction? Is it a piece of music or an album? It could be a moment of magic by your favourite sports star or a lecture by your favourite scientist. 

In recent years the below video has been a piece of music I have very strong feelings for. And the fact that a Japanese fan dedicated his time to making a video for it is great. It was seen by the band and is pretty much the official video now. 

The best thing is, the three part symphony is about a war on earth resulting in humans fleeing to space and being helped by mystical beings, possibly aliens. Part 3 above talks (well, sings) the end of the fighting and humanity asking ‘why can’t we start again?’ post war, although the video tells an entirely different story. No religious influence but amazing nontheless.

There are so many ways we can be moved and although believers find this with religion, it doesn’t have to stop there.

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  1. Performing great music gets me, even more than listening to it. That’s why I’ve continued choral singing, long after leaving church choirs behind. (Tonight we’re performing scary music by Verdi, John Williams and Carl Orff! )

    And for some reason, I always cry when I try to read the ending of “The House at Pooh Corner” to my kids.

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    • Wow, wasn’t expecting to hear that about The House of Pooh!
      And performing music sounds fun, I’ve always liked choir singing. In fact I talked to a girl a couple of days ago that sings, she wasn’t religious at all, either.

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