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I didn’t ask to be born, why should I spend my life searching for God?

Sometimes a Christian argument is so self-confident despite it’s flaws, it comes across as humerous more than anything.

This post claims that atheists are arrogant for expecting God to show himself on our terms. Is it arrogant to ask for evidence when I am expected to believe something? 

Theist: ‘You need to believe in God. This is so vital that if you do not, an eternity of pain awaits.’

Me : Oh, that sounds like it is something of the highest importance. Why hasn’t he told me this already?

Theist: ‘Why does he have to tell you? It is your job to find him’

Me: Well, I didn’t ask to be born. Are you saying that despite this I still have to spend my life searching for a God because, if I don’t, I will be punished? 

Theist: ‘Yes’

Me: He created me! Why is it my duty to find him?

Theist: ‘Thats just the way it goes’

Me: And this God loves me and really wants me to worship him, right?

Theist: ‘Yes. He has nothing but love and wants to spend eternity with you in heaven. But despite his infinite wisdom and your human limits you still need to put all the effort in’

Me: So why do I have to do all the work? 

Theist: ‘Listen. Do you want heaven or not?!’

This will never convince me to believe. It is weak to search for a God. It isn’t weak not to refuse to do so.


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  1. I agree. I’m not a fan of Christians who say, “Believe or you’ll burn in Hell!” This shouldn’t be the way people receive Christ, for a number of reasons: 1. It could make the receiver ask for forgiveness out of fear. 2. It is not a ground of love to build a relationship with God on. It’s like if I said to a girl, “Love me or else you’ll suffer.” It’s just wrong. Christ is the one who pursues us. He woos us, if you will, and like any lover, He is patient. He will give hints of His love, and He’ll wait for you to say yes.


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