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Why does God give you strength?

God giving strength is no different to a slave being provided a sword and shield before being thrown in with the lions.

If the power is there to take away the dangers, why do we need to be provided with strength ourselves? It seems more like a cruel game than a gesture of goodwill.

Did the Romans show morality by providing gladiators with a weapon to fight wild animals in the coliseum? Not in the slightest. If a police officer provided you a with a baseball bat instead of trying to prevent any threat of violence towards you, this would also be unnaceptable. 

You wouldn’t take this, so why is God an exception?

Theists show appreciation for the strength we are supposedly given, however fail to question Gods morality and power when addressing the reasons we need this strength. 

I have heard many responses to this, mainly one in particular. The ‘free will’ argument, that we are all granted free will and it is down to us what we do with it. This fails to take into consideration babies dying in house fires from a cigarette burn or schoolgirls kidnapped as sex slaves by Boko Haram. Where is the free will here? Is God content with an abuse of this free will, failing to acknowledge those that have freedom taken from them? If I can see the problem with this I do not see why a theist cannot. I do not blame believers for associating morality of a deity to what we are used to as humans. It is all we can relate to and we would never be able to think on the same wavelength as God. However when I am told God is good all the time, this is instantly exposed to ridicule.


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