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God is unimaginitive

Says the guy gazing at the stars above him, trying his hardest to comprehend the magnitude of what the eyes are receiving and brain registering.

After a brief moment, I look dead ahead to see what Earths horizon has for me. A hundred yards away is a sign, one that I have to squint to read with clarity. Immediately I am reminded that we just aren’t that well built. For a process that has taken millions of years I shouldn’t complain. I refrain from doing so, until that is, I am told that a designer was involved. One without financial strains. Or deadlines. Or issues with strength.

Our ‘beautifully crafted’ feet blister without comfortable shoes. Our ‘finely tuned’ bodies regularly overheat in the sun. We place our anatomy on the highest pedestal because there isn’t another humanoid race to compare it to. The very first games consoles received critical acclaim, this doesn’t mean they couldn’t be improved. Far from it.

Mountain ranges are stunning but could be taller. Rainfall is magical yet could do with more colour. You see, everything we witness is all we have ever known. If God created all of this, why is everything so normal? Most natural processes can be explained with ease, it doesn’t take a god. An isolated tribe may feel they have the best technology around, until they see an iPad for the first time. When we have nothing to compare to, our perceptions are flawed.

Time has helped create beauty. The Grand Canyon is visually stunning thanks to millions of years of erosion, not divine architecture. It’s incredible to look at, but if I learned that God did in fact created the Arizona landscape? I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t be so impressed. 

Glaciers too. Breathtaking but if the were created by a deity… Why mammoth ice cubes?!

Why don’t rivers run uphill? Why does God need the moon to control tides? Why do tides need controlling by the moon? It seems very impractical. It could be compared to using a car as a paperweight, highly impractical and if a little more initiative is used, a much more appropriate method can be found. 

There is nothing I appreciate more than the beauty we are surrounded by, the world throughout. Similar to a chimpanzees drawing I can marvel in the ability but if I found it was actually created by a human, the painting stays the same, the appreciation dwindles.


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