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The Butterfly Effect?

Butterflies help me to grasp this incomprehensible universe. This one has been trying to escape for about half an hour, as hard as I try to direct it towards the door that is wide open two feet to the left of me, it doesn’t want to know.

It is convinced that it should be able to escape right where it is. I can see outside, why can’t I get outside? What is this forcefield before me? It must be mind blowing.

We know it’s a simple window. Transparent and can even fool (mainly intoxicated) people at times. I have witnessed this faaaar to often.

So what must go through the tiny thought processes of a butterfly? It doesn’t understand, if it had a smarter brain it would probably resort to wizardry or magic to explain. 

This is what we do, there are so many things we cannot explain. We are intelligent enough to provide explanations or alternative ways of thinking but out intelligence isn’t powerful enough to provide accurate answers. 

Just because we have answers doesn’t mean they are sufficient.


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