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Opposing same-sex marriage would be a pretty gay move

Coming from a heterosexual male if I was to oppose gay marriage, I would have to question my sexuality. Ireland is becoming the first nation in the world to put gay marriage down to public vote and I have heard great stories of Irishmen and women- gay and straight- flying back to their homeland to vote in favour.

#hometovote and #voteyes rocked Twitter during the voting process and looking at the hashtags below it seems overwhelmingly yes-vote, maybe that’s because people take pride in equality? I think so. 

I spy @zachbraff getting in amongst it, he’s seems a great guy

Now as a single straight male, I’m all for gay marriage. I would assume religious or not most men should be. One of the many great reasons? Less competition. Who doesn’t want less competition?
Girls and gay guys get along great anyway, what better way to attract a girl than to offend her friends. Yep, tell him that he can only date girls, that should do it for you.


Look at the above map taken from the CIA World Factbook, we can see nations in the northern hemisphere are majority female (in pink). 

As guys, we know how hard it is to woo a female. Girls are beautiful, they know that. They can afford to be picky, the demand will always be there. Unfortunately for us males that is how evolution has played out. So to have homosexual men comfortable with their sexuality, not worrying about the social stigma attached to not living with a woman? My life would be a hell of a lot easier. 

The National Bureau of Economic Research estimates that up to 20% of people are attracted to their own gender. This is highlighted on smithsonianmag in the post What Percentage of the Population is Gay? More Than You Think. The post also states that many of the responses are biased towards the wider, more accepted view of society, many not answering the survey with entire honesty. It’s difficult to determine true stats.

If two men finally get to wed, fantastic. That’s two men down! Do you really want men to marry women that they aren’t sexually attracted to? The same applies for you ladies, do you really want to compete against other women that wouldn’t usually be contending?

For those that will vote no, you really aren’t benefitting from this decision. The very person you are attracted to might be taken from your grasp because of the stigma attached to a same sex relationship.

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