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Grow old with grace? Not a chance

I am in my twenties but I know how fast time seems to fly by. And even though I won’t be considered ‘old’ for another few decades it doesn’t sound that distant. At all.

Why should we grow old gracefully? Should this be? I cannot help arguing against the idea. It’s what I enjoy doing.

If anything, growing old should be one of the most the most liberating times of our lives. There are no work commitments, no companies to represent or alarm clocks to set. It’s comparable to teenage life in that respect.

I am, for those that are new to my blog, a firm believer that the days we have on this earth are our last. So to grow old is a one-time thing, if you make it that far, fantastic. Many don’t get to stay long enough to turn grey, or retire.

I see these latter years as we all viewed that last class on a Friday afternoon in high school. We didn’t take it as seriously. No one except our parents to tell us what to do over the weekend, more time to relax and enjoy our freedoms. Looking ahead to the weekend provided enough stimulation to drown out the boredom, to get our morale bouncing around again that was already sapped mid-Monday.

I know death will not be a fun weekend, but it won’t be a dreadful Moday morning either. If we are all heading to the end of existence, why grow old with grace?

This doesn’t mean looting the local grocery or shouting at kids for ‘having it easy’. I just won’t be made to feel the mind should be as mature as the body and fit the perception of a whole generation before we depart for good.

I have been told countless times by people including my parents, that although the body ages and restricts our abilities, the same fifteen year old kid is in there running our imaginations faster than our legs can catch them.

I won’t be living my life to fit the supposed age group. I will be kind to others and maintain respect throught every aspect of my existence, but I will be sure to play a prank on the grandkids once in a while. I hope they do the same with me.

Laughter is one of the finest experience in life, if we can laugh we are living. I want to laugh as much as I can growing old, if this is deemed immature in any way, shame on those that say it.

One of the funniest videos I’ve seen is Good Charlotte’s video for the song ‘Girls and Boys’. Those elderly folk know how to live.

When I look around, no matter what age someone may be I know we all think the same things and want the same freedoms.

Physical ability does not reflect mental desires, they just limit the ability to carry them out.

So if it is advisable to grow old ‘gracefully’, whatever that means, I don’t want to know the definition.

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