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Atheist Pilot mocked God- almost paid the price

Have a read of this article.

It tells of a 22 year old pilot with a big ego. A self proclaimed ‘God mocker’ that realised his faith after being bullied by God.

This kind of story depresses me. Not because I find God a bully, I do not believe he exists at all. It is because people are so accepting of a God that can manipulate. Instead of saying ‘Hey, what reasons do you have for not believeing in me?’, God decided to threaten a person with death using a snowstorm or fuel shortage. Is creating a snowstorm really the act of God? Or is a snowstorm just another natural occurance? It would be a different story if the snowstorm occured in the searing heat of the Sahara, but that would be silly!

What about the 22 year olds family? Friends? Do they also deserve to suffer losing a loved one for his lack of belief? North Korea inprisons three generations of families for the sake of one person. This is disgusting and we know. It doesn’t make any sense and is incredibly unjust, the pilots story is no different.

Reading the comments it really shows how humans settle for mistreatment. God threatened to kill a pilot until he prayed for his life in an ‘amazing story’ that was ‘wonderfully inspiring’. It isn’t and shouldnt be deemed so. If I bully someone into respecting me I am indeed a bully, if God does it he is praised.

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