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Muhammad Ali on eternity

A video emerges as I scroll through Facebook, surprisingly shared by an atheist. He commented on the shared video describing it as ‘interesting and insightful’ so curiosity got the better of me and I clicked to watch.

It was Muhammad Ali. Footage decades old, he is asked by a child of his potential retirement plans.

‘Lets say the average person is 30 years old’ he proclaims.

Ali states if you are 30, eight years have been spent sleeping.

Two years have been spent travelling.

Three years have been spent in school. (Meaning three years solid after taking out breaks and time outside of school).

To summarise: ‘Life is short! I’m thirty-five. In thirty years time, I’ll be SIXTY FIVE!’ He declares.

It certainly hits home. I trust Ali made some sensible calculations to come to this conclusion, I won’t look into the average thirty year olds statistics as we all know time does indeed fly by.

When he is sixty five, he will have slept nine years. Due to fame there will be an increase in travel taking up four years of the thirty. TV and entertainment- three years.

Probably combined with additional time consuming activities, he now has sixteen years to be productive.

Ali states these sixteen years will be used preparing to meet God.

Listening to the beginning of his answer, I presumed he was going to be very eager to inspire. Using his wit, ambition and passion to ensure people do what they enjoy, the same as he did with his boxing. Instead the point of his speech was to answer a child by stating with conviction that unless you spend your life trying to make God happy, it’s going to get nasty.

Eternity in hell.

A picture of hell (well eternity) is created.

‘Take a grain of sand’

Eternity is a very long time. Longer than long, it can’t really be defined as long as it has no end. If you pick up a grain of sand in the Sahara and waited a thousand years before picking up another, the time it took to empty the Sahara would be infinitely small compared to an actual eternity.


This is what Ali fears and for this ensures is not his next destination.

I do have to state that charity work and helping others was a part of the speech, you can view this yourself by clicking here.

So why does he feel so strongly that God exists? He was a boxer not a scientist, surely he should be seeking answers from experts in the relevant field. Of course he can have an opinion, however that child may spend the rest of his life following in his heroes footsteps, because an amazing boxer had an opinion on religion.

How illogical would it be for me to be inspired by Richard Dawkins, a great evolutionary biologist, on boxing? I’m sure he would be the first to tell me I was listening to the wrong person.


A glass full of water does not prove that the world had to be created. Nor the woven clothes of a female attendee. These are items that are almost perfect for their purpose. As amazing as it is, the world isn’t so perfect. We have made it easier to live in. Our descendants moved across the globe to more hospitable regions. We created technology to survive cold nights and hot days.

The most important question of all, if the world had to be created due to it’s perfection, who created God? The religious community oh-so-often states the world is too complex to emerge from natural processes. With this in mind, God wasn’t created? Come on, even the most closed-minded believer should see this absurdity.

Muhammad Ali is showing religious bias and inconsistencies within his own logic that so many are content with. An amazing sports person and personality, that doesn’t mean everything he states is gold dust.

Be inspired by your heroes, but for the original reasons. Take everything else with a pinch of salt.

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