Do you get offended because you know God doesn’t exist?

After the Paris shooting many magazines and articles reproduced the cartoons that bizarrely caused such offence.

Is freedom of speech more important that religion? This was the the resulting debate on Sky News on Thursday.



Of course it is. Thank goodness after centuries to the contrary people are beginning to get fed up of dedicating their lives to pleasing a non existing God. Oh God exists does he?

So why bother dedicating your time to proving it? Let us find out for ourselves on judgement day.

I also bring this up in my post Why blog on behalf of God?

I know that would be my mentality if I was convinced of my religious belief. I was very eager as a teenage believer to have Gods back when skeptics argued against him. Now I know that was because I didn’t truly believe, not 100%. My heart was in it but my head kept casting a shadow of doubt that led to the small flame of belief burning out. This is where my need to argue in Gods favour was fuelled, not feeling God has a voice of his own.

It’s a little embarrassing to think that some believers address non issues such as cartoon drawings with such urgency that weapons are used. Maybe God decides not to speak to us, unwilling to provide a voice. Do you really think that the governor of the universe is pleased with you fighting the small injustices religion sees on a daily basis? I doubt he even realises.

Imagine a team of officers reporting back to the head of police at the end of shift. ‘Boss! Listen to what we did today! We told a bunch of kids to stop swearing in the street! Aren’t we good boss!’

Now imagine that on a much larger scale. Larger being a large understatement. We are just showing that we desire to believe in something higher but cannot comprehend that something higher would have bigger problems than our petty ones.

Of course freedom of speech is more important, religion and it’s believers have an obsession with telling us how to live and when we are doing it wrong. I know my blog is doing the same, but I won’t be shooting anyone anytime soon. Nor will I be content with anyone’s fate of an eternal torture for not believing the same loving deity as me.


Now I cannot say that fundamentalists carry out attacks because they feel non believers won’t meet justice in a universe without God. Anyone willing to kill themselves in religions name must have a great deal of faith. What is to be understood is why those influenced by extremism aren’t content with knowing ‘infidels’ will meet their maker in the not too distant future. Some tomorrow, some in a matter of decades.

I guess anger. When a faith so strong is ridiculed, logic is pushed to one side. This doesn’t make it right.

Moderates do not get this angry when their religion is questioned. But still the desire to stand up for God in some way is present. This time common sense isn’t pushed to one side to make way for anger, I think common sense comes into play and the reality that God isn’t there to argue back hits home.

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