Is the desire to have faith worth the lives of children?

132 children and nine staff dead. Shot, beheaded, set on fire. A day after the news that a gunman killed two people in Sydney, which inspired a campaign in support of those of faith.

Sometimes I think- am I being too harsh on religion? Upsetting those who want to simply believe? Despite the name of my blog I do consider all sides as openly as possible, trying to see what path will provide the most progress.

Days like today, I see the news of a child massacre and my concern for adults- offended by my desire for an atheist world- starts to dissipate.

No matter how critical believers can be at my view, my view is justified when children are paying the price for the alternative. When I am telling people their beliefs may be wrong, I am not that bad. Hearing of children being murdered, in the name of religion, is.

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