Is the world tailored for humans?

As I wake up, my bedside glass of water calls me, I cannot go too long without one. Because of this, my first morning ritual is a visit to the bathroom, no one is capable of resisting for more than just a few short hours.

Brushing my teeth is the next step, it is vital I do so at least twice a day to ensure the best oral health in a world of sugary addiction and damaging food and drink. This is something that I will need to keep on top of for the rest on my life to prevent tooth decay and various health problems.

I need to shower daily to keep hygiene standards high and infection at bay. Although my body does cleanse itself, it is not enough.
Staph infection, ugh. I once suffered a horrible case of this whilst travelling (caused by bacteria present on our skin that can enter through cuts and open wounds) which required strong antibiotics due to the constant evolution and resistance of the infection. This was despite regular washing and cleaning.

During childhood we are given various vaccinations to prevent certain diseases, an option many generations before were not fortunate to have.
Throughout the day I will need to continuously wash my hands, especially around raw foods and waste. The human digestive and immune system cannot tolerate high levels of certain bacteria.

Whilst outside I am even more venerable. In the summer, I may need sun cream to fight exposure, just a few hours outdoors can cause damage to my body and heat stroke is a constant threat.


Sunglasses are required to prevent damage to my eyesight and increase vision. Thankfully, the deodorant I used this morning has helped prevent body odour, emerging via unpleasant bacteria building up on sweat prone areas of my body.

In the winter, I can only manage a limited amount of time in the elements, even with preparation. Frostbite and hypothermia can catch me off guard and can be fatal. Buildings help shelter me but I still need added protection, most modern buildings are equipped with air conditioning and heating to help me rest in comfortable conditions. Rest being very important to help restore energy levels, just 24 hours without it can reduce productivity rapidly and increase potential health problems.

Street crossings have sound notification, alerting the visually impaired that it is safe to cross. Coloured signals are used for those that are hard of hearing. The drivers of the vehicles are surrounded by safety technology evolved over hundreds of years. Without airbags, seatbelts, headlights, horns, childlocks, windscreen wipers, tyre grips, brakes, de-misting, mirrors, suspension, crumple zones, anti-lock braking systems, traction control and safety cage, there would be a lot more deaths on the road.

Restaurants have zappers to kill flies and other bugs that carry harmful germs. Many countries require insect repellents and additional vaccinations to stay safe amongst the worlds dangerous inhabitants.
Underneath my feet are sewage systems, designed to divert our human waste (and rodents) efficiently.

Continuing my walk in relative safety I see an opticians, a popular feature of the high street due to the high volume of people requiring visual aid to carry out day to day tasks.
I walk further to a bridge. Just as I set foot on it, a sign for the Samaritans catches my attention. This is a common sight on many high level bridges known to be suicide hotspots. Sadly millions of people suffer with mental health and debilitating illnesses, to such an extent that ending life feels like the only way out.

I get home, the streets paved with light as journeys would not be possible after sunset without this.

I switch on the TV.
On the news, Ebola is killing thousands, religious fundamentalists continue to terrorise and extreme weather will put many people at risk this winter.

Time to comfort eat I guess.

As I prepare for dinner, cutlery is required to cut through most foods, my fingers and teeth can only manage so much before needing additional aid. Chewing is vital, a flaw in our evolution is that we breathe and eat via the same passage, many people die each year simply enjoying their favourite meal. Countless others gasp their last breath after a severe allergic reaction, anything from eating nuts to putting on makeup.

I am one of the lucky ones, I do not require medication or assistance during the day or whilst preparing for sleep. I am fortunate though, this is the reality for many who require supervision, breathing apparatus and emergency pull cords.

The twilight hours can be the most dreaded for an unfortunate percentage, vulnerable to horrific night terrors/ nightmares and dangerous sleep walks. Sometimes sleep paralysis strikes, when the brain does not turn off ‘paralysis mode’ used during deep sleep to limit our movement. Waking up to this flaw of the brain can be terrifying.

My main concern is that I find a comfortable position to sleep in, if I do not, the following day may be spent with all kinds of aches and pains. A frustrating hassle to deal with, but no big deal.

The following morning, I log on to the internet. Coffee in hand to speed up my bodies slow-waking process.


My eyes are still adjusting to the light and my body still a little stiff after just a few hours in the same position, in a bed designed to help me sleep. During this time my anti virus software continues to keep many viruses and potential attacks at bay. In the corner of my eye Songs of Praise is starting on television.

I think to myself where is all the evidence of Gods glory coming from? The praise is definitely present.

I have yet to figure this out. I am alive thanks to human invention and progress, I thank people past and present for that. Because such a large portion of our lives is spent around technology designed to keep us safe, it is taken for granted. Let’s remember what is really contributing to our well being.

We have made the world an easier and safer place to live in. The world has given us a hard time along the way.

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