Is the Tinder system a universal law?

Tinder is a dating app. A very popular one. Swipe left if you aren’t interested in the person on your screen, swipe right if you are. I have a bad habit of taking pretty much anything- from dating apps to cat flaps- and using them to disprove superstition in one way or another.
I was involved in a conversation a couple days back, and did just this.
One girl told the circle how a friend met her current boyfriend on Tinder. Although remaining involved in the conversation I started to think. What is the ratio between males and females on Tinder? Is it an even balance? There could be more females due to population… There may be more males due to the pursuing nature of males. I’m sure tinder has the answers, but I don’t really need them for my blog.

But then the term ‘soul mates’ entered my head, for one reason or another. Maybe the term arose in conversation, whilst I was deep in thought and I picked up on it. This opened up a whole new can of worms (from within, of course).

Many couples feel they are soul mates. Meant to be together, destined to have met in the location they did.
Isn’t it strange though to think out of the billions that inhabit an earth spanning multiple time zones, that very soulmate was in the same bowling alley? The same bar? On the same dating website? Weirder still, it was at the same time. It is too coincidental, surely.
I hope it is not true. I love travelling and meeting new people in this way. It would be a great shame if a deity utilised a Tinder like system, meaning my soulmate was just around the corner the whole time. The irony!
But again, this cannot be true. The ratio of males to females renders this impractical. Many unfortunate singletons (seemingly males) would be left out. Furthermore, the world would be a much more harmonic place if we spread the idea that we could love outside of our societies and cultures. It is the trend of sticking to our own that preserves racial and religious differences. Our differences are beautiful and unique but this doesn’t stop certain bigots creating conflicts.

So there we have it. A dating app has led me to what I think are some interesting points. Certainly different to the norm. Maybe I just need to chill and use the app instead.

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