Are moderates finally waking up to the danger of their beliefs?

I hope so. For the future of democracy, our values, our freedom. For so long I have been met with ridicule for thinking that religious violence wouldn’t be seen in Britain as it is seen in the Middle East and elsewhere. Every time I voiced my concerns, it was brushed off hastily as a farfetched scenario that just would not happen here. Not because what I was seeing was different to others, more so that others didn’t give it any thought at all. Many of these so called ‘others’ live in rural areas, with white populations at least 90% making it even more incomprehensible that fundamentalists of another religion could have any impact whatsoever.

It only takes a few with warped ideologies to create a bomb and detonate it anywhere. Killing tens or hundreds, causing more fear. This fear spurring wannabe fanatics on to carry out similar attacks. More fear. It would then be much easier to give in to demands from such groups in return for a delay in an attack or a hostage release, although not a step back for the terrorist organisation in question.

The less we do now, the more room for terror to grow. How do I know whether a group of Arabic men walking down a street are on route to commit an atrocity, or simply good willed charity givers going for a drink in their local? I don’t know. It is getting to this stage however where more and more people will be victimised due to the acts of others. Especially if individuals believe in the same religion.

The best way against this is to crack down on the moderate mentality. Criticising those who believe yet choose to ridicule fundamentalists. The difference between the moderate and fundamentalist believer is the levels they go to support their chosen belief. After all they worship the same book with the same violent methods to claim top dog. Dog being very fitting as when you see God in a different way, he most definitely seems more of an animal.


The moderate ignores this ugly side. Angering fanatics further by stating that they do not respect the true values of the religion. Untrue. Religions are desctructive and anyone can see this, if you choose to. The everyday believer hides away from these facts, which is preserving the religions that throughout history have caused such suffering. It is pointless to add examples here as I have done previously in my posts. If you are reading this and are unaware of such examples, this post goes out to you.

So now we have this great mess.

Moderates condemning fundamentalists for their actions. Although the actions carried out are instructions in the book that the moderates respect.

Fundamentalists killing those who do not agree or convert. Although most loving people feel groups such as ISIS are middle eastern ‘chavs’ doing it for the heck of it, not realising that these soldiers are brainwashed into believing what they do. In the same way we are shaped into believers as children when we go to Sunday School.

It is so frustrating looking into this endless cycle of delusion and misconception. An end product of peace and love can only be possible when the moderate platform is taken away. The hurt felt from having your beliefs questioned is nothing compared to the suffering possible when extremists prove their belief is superior.

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