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15 points from my first 15 posts

So, a little milestone. fifteen posts. And for my fifteenth, I think it would be very fitting to add a compilation of what I feel are the most important points so far within the blog. This may be a recurring theme as I progress with blog writing. It helps keep track of what has been addressed whilst acting as a catch up post for anyone new to ReligionErased.

Thank you to those who have commented, liked and followed on the blog. Here are my main points so far…

1. Although a lot of the world we live in is religiously inspired, it does not mean religious ideology holds weight in the 21st century. The evidence of this is from every continent. Amazing architecture dating back centuries or millenia come from various different belief systems. All claiming superiority. So for one to claim divinity over another is ridiculous. Ever given thought to the dizzying scientific heights we could have reached, if we weren’t tortured and excecuted for thinking outside the box?
Truth: The only saviour

2. Why don’t we accept Taliban attacks or anti gay protests from the Westborough Baptist Church? Because it is wrong and we know it. Saying it says so, that’s all that matters’ fails to provide sufficient reason to back arguments. It simply is not a good enough explantation for beliefs. Although accepted within scripture, scripture itself isn’t enough to validate such crimes.
La la la: The ultimate response to atheists

3. If we were to see consistent high levels of violent crime such as rioting or murder at weekly sporting events, would it be ignored for the simple fact that violence is not in the games code of conduct? No, because that is irrelevant. Games would be halted until spectators could behave in an appropriate manner. So why not the same for religion? Even with this in mind scripture does promote violence, regardless of how often believers try to say otherwise. But even if it didn’t, we should stop practicing it if it prevents religious violence.
An example of double standards

4. ‘But she is my wife?!’ Is not an excuse for domestic violence. Violence should not be addressed any different depending on what background a person has. Discrimination should never be accepted. Regardless of how widespread it is in certain cultures.
Witnessing discrimination first hand

5. God gets waaaay too much praise. Looking around me I see so many examples of inventions and progressions in human advancement. The majority of this wouldn’t have been available at the time of the bible being written. If you get an expensive present from a loved one, don’t thank God, thank that loved one. Praising a deity willing to allow three billion people to live on $2.50 a day yet happy to spend generous amounts on you is silly an arrogant. Think.
Why thank God?

6. Why is it that so many countries of faith are exposed to natural disasters, poverty and war? This makes believing all the more depressing. Bin Laden carried out atrocities and went into hiding, he was labeled a terrorist. God does the same, we are told he works in mysterious ways? Ridiculous.
Why does this happen in a religious country?

7. This kind of scientific terminology.

Isaiah 40.22 ‘opens the heavens like a curtain and spreads them like a tent to dwell in’.

The above is an example of what I do not want to hear regarding the origin of the universe. If a university class had Gollum as a lecturer this is how he would probably teach science. To be taught science from someone who struggles to communicate it without clarity is pointless. Especially from a deity who supposedly created the laws of nature and the ability to communicate.
An attorney with no evidence

8. The universe runs smoothly enough to sustain life (life found in incredibly minute an remote corners of space) but nowhere near as smooth as it could with a all loving, all powerful leader governing it.
Taking Creme eggs from Christians

9. Do prayers result in disasters? Of course they don’t, but they don’t work either. This is obvious looking at regions with strong religious beliefs. The States for example, regularly affected by natural disasters. The Middle East, affected by war.
Do prayers result in disasters?

10. If a God created us to be inferior and expects us to worship him for this reason, then God is not good. You wouldn’t accept that treatment from a manager at work, would you? Don’t respect someone that doesn’t respect you.
The ‘G’ word: Fearing the same God we praise

11. Believers cherry pick and perceive from religion as and when they want to. This results in a big mess during debates with some choosing to see violent scripture as simple metaphors whilst fundamentalists use the same verses to justify attacks and invasions. Is your next door neighbour hypocritical for ignoring the bad bits of the Bible? Yes, although it may not be causing the neighbourhood any trouble. Is the terrorist organisation Islamic State (although just following scripture) immoral for their attacks and massacres? Yes. The wise decision would be to see religous text in black and white, realising the effect it has to peace and harmony and living this one life with an open mind.
Freedom of religion threatens freedom itself

12. Too many men in power dictate how women should live, when they should speak, how they should dress. If you are lucky enough to be a female in a country with incresed rights between genders, use this opportunity to criticise degrading religions. I hear too many women stand up for religions and cultures that would have damaging effects on the female community if extremists took control. Be careful what you wish for.
Females: Do you feel second best regarding religion?

13. EVERYTHING you see around you, was down to human advancement. Internet, language, education. It is a shame to hear how certain brainwashed individuals praise a God for lottery wins, awards, expensive gifts when all it takes is a little thought into how exactly these came about. Many of us are lucky to be around today thanks to advancements in medical research and the understanding of diseases. Some people need a trip to the stone age to start realising progression and opportunities are solely down to us.
Praise the Lor… Erm, human!

14. Why do we condone wrongdoings from politicians yet let it slide within religion? A temporary prime minister is constantly subject to scrutiny if he or she dare to bend the rules, yet it is acceptable for an immortal deity- ruling over us for eternity- to punish us forever if we choose to abandon the faith. This is not just accepted, it is respected. And it needs to change for the dignity of all of us.
What if God was a politician?

15. Heres to 15 more of the same. Finding the immoral and unjustifiable, the illogical and the strange. Thanks for listening.


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