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Praise the Lor… Erm, human!

Falling deep into thought whilst gazing out of a window is a habit I’m sure all of us are familiar with. I am currently on a train travelling back up north from what has been a great day and a half in a very sunny Plymouth. I always find in times like these, (as Dave Grohl once said), learning to live again. Thinking. Wondering. Appreciating. Gazing at the beauty of the rapidly disappearing and reappearing countryside in-between trees, tunnels and spiked metal fences via a cross country train.

A train along with it’s technology, built by human beings.

Accompanied by a decent music selection* this journey seems all the more surreal, a bit like a movie scene. And this is the kind of blissful concoction that brings out the philosophical side.

‘There has got to be something that created this’ and the ‘It’s too perfect to come from nothing!’ one liners, amongst other classics.

And that is true. We created a lot of it!

From the beautiful sight of boats moored in idyllic fishing villages to beautiful city skylines, a great proportion was courtesy of human development and craft.


Many would praise Allah for this view of Kuala Lumpur. However this is a beautiful example of human advancement.

A vast amount of what we see is exactly this. Large percentages of buildings, farmland and greenery also managed well by people. Hedges lining roads trimmed to a suitable length and grass cut down to a manageable size. We have all been through areas where this management has been somewhat lacking. And we ALL know what a difference that makes. Have you ever shrieked at a neglected lawn or sighed at an abandoned house, that has been left to fade over time from former glory? Of course you have. It does look fascinating in it’s own right, but no one would aspire to keep up with the Jones’ if that was the view from your landing window.

Pylons and power plants can be a bit of an eyesore, for sure. But without these how could we live comfortably in the heights of Summer and the depths of Winter? Even the mild English climate can be life threatening at times. One thing to remember is that Earth is not a perfect place. Our race has squeezed into areas that are best suited to us, not the other way round. And that is nothing compared to the colossal death zones of the Sahara or Antarctic where we would not last a great period of time in simply the bodies we were equipped with at birth.

Many poor families have to watch their newborns struggle at birth when their fragile bodies are unable to support themselves, even in a seemingly stable natural environment. Imagine the rise in infant mortality rates with the absence of developed medicines and technological equipment progressing over centuries, disappearing overnight. All we have to do is look to the past.

A lot of our seemingly easy existence is down to our own discoveries over time and maintenance of the world around us. We have made the world a much more simple and eye catching place to live. Mother nature hasn’t given us an easy ride by any stretch of the imagination.

*Personal preference recently has been ‘Exogenesis’ parts ‘2’ and ‘3’. A combination to rival fish and chips.

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