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Taking Creme Eggs from Christians

Today has been very good to me indeed. Walking around the beautiful city of Durham I was approached by numerous people equipped with copious amounts of Creme Eggs and of course, literature of some sort.


I politely declined the first time, not knowing chocolate was on offer. But then… I ended up with five Creme Eggs! I love how Christianity is moving with the times. Celebrate Easter by eating chocolate. Not that I am complaining at all, it’s better than celebrating a highly improbable resurrection from a brutal murder. It was a lovely gesture and a breath of fresh air. But it still doesn’t answer the questions I want to ask the church.

It is very commercial though. Like it was just another business giving out free samples and tasters to lure me in. But it is! A church trying to keep it’s head above the water amongst much competition, within the different branches and variations of Christianity. One guy wasn’t even handing out the leaflets, he was content just shifting the right amount of free goodies.

A Good Samaritan some might say.

I also watched the new movie Gravity this evening, which was perfect timing because the ISS could be seen very clearly tonight in our clear Northern England skies. I liked the film. It reminds me how advanced we have become, before bringing us back to earth by throwing space debris at the rate of a speeding bullet towards our freshly soiled spacesuits. Oh and actually seeing the space station move at such speeds is breathtaking, even if it is from Earth.

This reminded me. Yehudis Khakin had a not so great post recently, claiming that the universe works in ‘incredible smooth order’ and that God should be both loved and feared because of it. How very pleasant.


If a vessel naturally ends up on top of a building, the world isn’t running smoothly.

Once again no evidence at all for such claims, but that’s a useless cog in the religious machine. It seems English isn’t the authors first language, fine. Unfortunately though common sense wasn’t the first choice either. Just another factless blog post making the rounds online, coming and going like shifting grains of sand on a beach. Like stars flickering in the distance.

But to address every single one would be an impossible task. Which I assume is the reason so many religious posts go unchallenged. I have realised when I do challenge someone’s point of view, an almost identical argument will pop up, screaming to be challenged. I’ve left a comment simply asking why the author feels that the world/ universe runs smoothly, and why the author is so convinced and content at this that it can be labeled as incredible. I’m also waiting for another reply on Sadia’s post on how scripture tells us all we need to know about the universe. (My last post, An Attorney With No Evidence  was on this topic.)

It truly is a shame to see warped views, we do have beautiful blue skies but this acts merely as rose tinted glasses to the chaos going on in space.

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