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Why does this happen in a religious country?

There’s been a couple of sad headlines in recent weeks, and not from the expected developments in Syria or Ukraine. One, the loss of the Malaysia Airlines flight, still needing to be clarified whether it was down to human factors or a malfunction. The other, a landslide in Washington State which so far has the death toll in the dozens and will rise with the hundreds unnacounted for.


One similarity these tragedies share is the high percentage of the population that are of faith in the affected areas. Why is it that so many deeply religious nations see disasters strike and tragedies occur? Well one answer is that the majority of the world still are believers of some sort, so the chances are quite high. But that is still irrelevant, bearing in mind that any God shouldn’t punish a large group of people who have trust in him. Especially when we see largely atheist countries such as Norway and Sweden doing well for themselves and relatively trouble free.

Look at this comment I found earlier. Factually and morally deprived.


This idiot claims that she doesn’t just know Gods way of thinking, but that apparently it’s acceptable to let such events take place. This was in response to the missing MH370 flight. The comment has been cropped to hide the name and I have also filtered out the rest of the comment, which although equally irrational went off topic. I have great sympathy for those sharing this point of view. To accept that God allows the loss of loved ones yet remaining silent on the matter, opting to hide out of sight and keeping us all in the dark. Didn’t Osama do that? Oh yes, but he was one of the bad guys…

Different kettle of fish, apparently.


As I am typing I’m seeing a fantastic update of a young boy being rescued alive and well from the rubble in the town of Oso, Washington State. Although sadly a high chance his family won’t make it out alive. No doubt though we will hear how his rescue was thanks to God and prayers aimed in the saviours direction. No questions of why the landslide was necessary by an omnipotent being or why others weren’t given the same chance to live on. As the rescue services desperately and tirelessly continue to search for survivors and identify victims there will be many more praying for that same outcome. But this won’t work because if it did there would have been no landslide to start with. Or would have been miraculously stopped in its destructive tracks. Or our perfectly designed structure and skeletal systems would withstand such phenomena. The same goes to flight MH370, in the height of desperation we will do anything we can to bring hope but never question why a God made such a decision in the first place. It’s why some gain faith in finding crosses in amongst debris when it would be much more pleasant to have a building to remain standing. I’m not against prayers in the aftermath of a terrible event. There’s very little harm in this other than the preservation of the belief that praying is effective. It’s despising the idea that people are willing to think that a higher being carried it out, even if it is for a supposed ‘bigger plan’.

If it is a bigger plan, there are much easier and moral ways to carry out that plan. Especially for an omniscient being. But being the primitive animals we are we’re happy to believe this if it means we have an answer. No matter how wrong or uninformative.

My condolences to all those affected.

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  1. One of the major problems that I have noticed is that people tend to NOT separate belief in God from people. Religion cannot be judged based on what people do because they do not define religion. I wish you all the best in your journey and know that one day you will find God, wherever he is for you. If you really did not care about God or religion, you wouldn’t have a blog centered around the topic…..


    • I care about religion a lot, more the fact it isn’t needed. I have updated this post, as I wrongfully stated you provided the first reply to my comment in your post. Apologies for that.


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