La la la: The ultimate response to atheists

I’m a good person, that’s all that matters…’

‘Those verses, they shouldn’t be taken literally…’

‘Yes, but nowadays we are better than that…’

‘God works in mysterious ways, that’s all…’

‘It’s all part of the plan and will work out in the end…’

Have you ever thought your beliefs may be justified by humans causing a conscious infliction of pain and suffering in the world through discrimination, attacks or wars? Cue a couple of chuckles. Granted I have no reason to believe a reader of this is a bad person, the chances fortunately are very slim. But the chances of someone reading this to have a belief that contains evil, is rather high. What’s fascinating is how people can easily dismiss their beliefs as immoral because they themselves are good.

Above are all written and spoken forms of someone putting their fingers in their ears and shouting ‘la la la’ at the top of their lungs when confronted with challenging questions. It is an auto-response from those who aren’t willing to look truth in the eye, preferring to hide under the blanket of a safe, lazy non-answer one more time.


This is getting very tiresome. It’s tiresome because for centuries it has given the religious a quick mental fix for any doubt that may have arisen within themselves. It is an illogical response, very fitting, because religious ideology is illogical to start with. Good for you if you have come across any doubt yourself. But I beg you to not end this doubt with a quick, easy, stupid non-answer like the examples shown above. The same answer an insurgent could use after a town massacre. The same excuse a Westborough Baptist Church member could use in a funeral protest.

It just says so. That’s it.

Instead of accepting religion and its flaws by glorifying the good we are much better off exposing the bad. Asking important questions really does trump providing dull answers.

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